If we cannot tell you how we review the services we recommend, we have failed you.

Why Hire Business Formation Services?

At VentureApp, we are sticklers for scrutinizing every single service we recommend or review.

As the founder, I don’t think I would be able to sleep at night if we didn’t scrutinize a service before we endorsed it.

That is why the first thing I created at Venture App was our review policy. 

For most entrepreneurs, their business is their baby. That is why it is understandable why you would want your business formation to be carried out with utmost care and precision. 

So should you do it by yourself? Absolutely not, if you can afford it.

As an entrepreneur, your time and attention are best spent on growing your business, not file paperwork.

Even if you are the most organized business owner, missing any important deadline will make life difficult for your business.

Moreover, with business formation services becoming cheaper by the day, it makes little sense to do all the paperwork yourself.

That being said, a big chunk of Venture App is dedicated to teaching you how to form your LLC, Corporation, or Non-Profit yourself.

So if you are really pressed for money, it is always better to do it yourself and we are here to hold your hand while you do it.

The VentureApp Promise: Our Criteria For Reviewing Services


A successful business is every entrepreneur’s dream. We cannot let some random company handle its formation. So any formation service we recommend is first evaluated on its proven track record.

This does not mean that we only recommend big companies with millions of customers.

Simply put, it is a question of their ability to successfully handle your company’s formation from start to finish, as endorsed by their customers.

Value For Money

From our interaction with our readers, we know that half the appeal of formation services lies in their price point.

So every service we review is weighed against other competing services to understand the value they provide for the price they charge.

We want to remind you that it is not simply the price but the various essential and non-essential services that are being provided for the price that should guide your decision.

Customer Experience

Forming a company is a very important turning point in every entrepreneur’s life. For small business owners especially, the legal requirements may be confusing and convoluted.

This is why services have to be evaluated on their customer experience journey. Are they transparent with the customer? Are there too many upsells? Are they patient and available to answer your questions?

These answers are gathered from verified customers who have availed themselves of the particular service. These are all factors that we weigh before recommending a particular service.

Registered Agent Service

Every LLC or Corporation requires a Registered Agent, by law. While you can designate yourself as a Registered Agent for your company, the biggest value in hiring a service is the registered agent service.

However, the formation service you hire may or may not offer a registered agent service. Even if they do offer it, the packages and pricing may differ.

So the registered agent service is yet another criterion we consider while ranking formation services.

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