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Our Mission

Venture App is a completely free resource that was crafted by professionals to guide small business owners through the convoluted and challenging process of business formation in any state in the United States.

Qualified, Reliable & Authoritative

I realized that hardly any of the information on forming an LLC or a Corporation that you find online is written or produced by lawyers. Starting a business is a critical decision in the life of any entrepreneur. Venture App aims to provide reliable information and advice on forming your business, regardless of the size of your business or the state in which you reside.


In my experience as a lawyer, I have learned that forming your business does not have to be complicated. At Venture App, it is my duty to leave my lawyer jargon at work and to break down the fundamentals to help you understand how to go about forming a business.


When it comes to finding information online on forming your business, objectivity is really a farce. At Venture App, we are trying to fight that by keeping our content sponsorship free and based on an objective set of criteria.


When it comes to business formation, the legal requirements and procedures are voluminous. At Venture App, we are trying to explore all of the important legal requirements in a way that is easy to follow and understand for all of our readers.

We are Lawyerpreneurs

a little about the founder

Hey! My name is Mathew.

I was that kid who did every odd job after school to make a few extra bucks. I knew I caught the entrepreneurship bug when I realized that everywhere I looked, I saw opportunities to create a business.

After school, I went to a very reputed law school. I really like law, especially business law because of how much value it enabled me to add to any business, especially small businesses.

In my experience with the law, I learned that forming your LLC, Corporation, or Non-Profit involve so many intricate elements that need to be taken into consideration. This includes tax considerations, state-specific factors, and the kind of business you are looking to establish, among others.

Moreover, the state-wise procedures for forming your business can be convoluted and hard to navigate if you are not a lawyer. Lawyers themselves are known to charge a pretty penny to do this.

This is why I decided to start Venture App. I firmly believe that resources to help small businesses when it comes to their formation should be free and accessible. I wanted to combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my business law prowess to offer the best advice to every aspiring entrepreneur out there.

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